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Fire Only Seals

15 x 4mm Fire Only
Product Type: Intumescent Seals
Manufactured by: Pyroplex
Description: Probably the most under rated feature of our product is the Compression gap. This is totally unseen being placed at the bottom of the strip deep in the timber groove allowing the product to slightly give when inserted into a tight gap. Generally the industry cannot supply undersized strip products.

Products are tested to BS 476 part 20:22 with a moisture resistant intumescent suitable for use in wet or dry areas on a range of single and double leaf doorsets. Fixing is via high tack acrylic backed self adhesive tape as standard. Exceptionally sharp edges lead to visually appealing sight lines and easy installation.
Colour: White, Brown, Cream, Black, Grey, Platinum
Measurements: 2.1mtr or 1.05mtr
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Product Pictures

Fire Only sealFire Only seal